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Social Media Monitoring

Find out what people are saying about you, across millions of social media platforms and sources, anywhere in the world.

  • Be part of the conversation

    Reach out to people who are talking about your brand and transform one-sided mentions into conversations and relationships. Social media monitoring is your key tool to identifying and communicating with influencers.

  • Stay completely covered

    Monitor all forms of social media—including more than 150 million blogs, social networking sites, forums, opinion sites, top video- and image-sharing sites and more—from a single online dashboard or desktop application, and send and receive real-time alerts and scheduled custom reports.

  • Track viral success

    Report on the viral nature of your stories with powerful metrics such as engagement ranking, number of Twitter followers, vote count, number of comments and more. Publicity values for each post let you easily demonstrate ROI and evaluate the success of your campaign.

  • Combine with traditional media

    Tap into our integrated press reports to track the volume of buzz around keywords tied to your activity. Access integrated charts to help you demonstrate the impact of all mentions. You can report and share all of your news coverage—digital or traditional—from one place.

  • Make your CRM Social

    Use Vuelio social media monitoring and analysis to merge your social customer relationship management (CRM) with web analytics tools, such as Webtrends or Google Analytics. With integration to Salesforce, users can see which content is coming from customers and prospects, and add new contacts, cases and leads with a single click.

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