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  1. Rolandas Malinauskas
    Rolandas Malinauskas says:

    I like the balance of methodology you’ve used to compile this list of blogs. Also there’s a really good mix of health issues covered. I really like the blog and name Mental Elf, and also the Hungry Healthy Happy blog. I’ll be saving this list, thanks very much.

  2. What Allergy?
    What Allergy? says:

    WOW! I’m so pleased that http://www.whatallergy.com got into this list. I’ve been writing it for over 5 years now and what began as a hobby has grown into something I never dreamed it would be and I’m loving it. I try to share tips and things I’ve learned and hope it will help people with life threatening allergies not feel quite so alone in a world where we are mostly seen as fussy freaks who should stay at home. I love writing the blog and never seem to run out of interesting things to share on the blog. A great list to be in and amongst great company. I’ve discovered some blogs I hadn’t found before about health issues and living a healthy life so will be visiting them all soon. Well done fellow bloggers.

  3. Peter Jones (@h2cm)
    Peter Jones (@h2cm) says:

    Re. #5 Hodges’ model: Welcome to the QUAD
    Thanks Mital.
    I try to strike a balance posting content I’ve written and items that are of interest across the diverse but related fields of nursing, informatics – IT, and education.
    I will explore and reply to your email soon.
    Kind regards,
    Peter Jones
    Community Mental Health Nurse NHS plus Independent Scholar & Informatics Specialist
    RMN, RGN, CPN(Cert.), PGCE, BA(Hons) Comp/Phil, PG(Dip)COPE.
    Work in Central & West Lancashire, England


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