About Vuelio


Vuelio’s sub-processors include:

Sub-Processor Activity Data Location Relevant Data Protection Framework Sub-Processors Privacy Policy
Microsoft Data hosting and authentication UK UK GDPR; SCCs Privacy policy
Elastic Email Email Service Provider for release distribution, political monitoring and select CRM modules France UK GDPR; EU GDPR, Canadian PIPEDA Privacy policy
Jango Mail Email Service Provider for legacy release distribution and select CRM modules USA UK GDPR; SCCs Privacy policy
NetSuite Accounting software Amsterdam UK GDPR; EU GDPR Privacy policy
Salesforce CRM UK UK GDPR; SCCs; BCRs Privacy policy
Hubspot Email marketing and landing page tool USA UK GDPR, SCCs Privacy policy
Intercom Live chat support and in-app communications USA UK GDPR, SCCs Privacy policy
Google Analytics Tracks user activity Ireland GDPR Privacy policy

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