Vuelio Influencer Database

The largest database of UK influencers and media contacts

A must-have resource for communications professionals

Use the world’s most comprehensive database of influencers and find all the tools you need to make your communications effective.

Understand who is important, how best to engage them then send content, monitor results, measure social media impact and analyse effectiveness, all in one place.

What you get:

– All influencers and media contacts: bloggers, journalists, editors, national and local press

– Build accurate, real-time media lists and easily target based on sector, interests, topics, location and more

– Access pitching preferences, preferred contact methods and other key details to guide your outreach

Our Clients:

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Identify leading social influencers in any industry

Discover the social influencers that are relevant to your business by using the Vuelio Influencer Rating and Influencer Search. Get in touch to find out more!

Access traditional media contacts and influencers in print and broadcast media

Identify and target key journalists, editors, freelancers and bloggers in your industry by using preferred contact and pitching methods. Get in touch to find out more!

Forward Features

Plan and prepare media placements ahead of time. Search editorial calendars by topic, location, date range, media type and more. Get in touch to find out more!

Media relations management

Manage your daily internal and external communications with all stakeholders and ensue your team has a 360° overview of all activity. Monitor tasks and upcoming deadlines through the reporting and tracking tool. Share notes, lists, projects, campaigns and tasks between team members, no matter where they’re based. Get in touch to find out more!