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"With Vuelio, everything is all in one place, and everything is connected. We can see how much coverage we’re getting and for what releases, which will ultimately make planning future campaigns more successful. Vuelio is a really useful, efficient and smart way of distributing press releases, tracking enquiries and analysing our coverage."

Juliette Maxam, Media Manager Greater Anglia

"Vuelio is a valuable tool which enables us to monitor our media coverage closely, measure our successes and ensure we’re always contacting the right journalists and outlets with the right stories."

Becky Trotman, Senior Media Relations Officer Thames Water

"Using Vuelio as a starting point, we have now rewritten our best practice for political intelligence gathering, storing and coordinating. We have had a number of successes where opportunities to reinforce work with parliamentarians between campaigns have been spotted and used to secure commitments from them. We have also had a huge amount of insight into our email cut through, which is being used to improve our email communications."

Rosemary Harris, Political Campaigner Friends of the Earth

"Vuelio offers an excellent service. The team has been exceptional from the beginning and incredibly patient and supportive of our demanding and complex reporting requirements. We have been able to significantly increase the quality of our media analysis and the tailored reporting dashboards have become a critical part of how we measure PR value to the business. The ability to monitor a broad range of online coverage within the fixed fee has been incredibly helpful and enabled us to do share of voice competitor analysis for the group, despite the diversity of our business. Thank you to the team for all your help and support in enabling us to achieve this.  "

Georgina Turner, Group Head of Corporate Communications Octopus Investments

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