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Improve the effectiveness of your communications using our streamlined press release service.  

Create, schedule and send your press releases to the journalists and influencers most important to your campaign, industry or brandBased on your audienceyou can send releases, publish directly to your dedicated online newsroom, post to social media or distribute over the wireThen use our tools to track, analyse and learn from your results in real-time with a wealth of engagement and coverage analysis tools. 

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Take a customised approach 

Communication is most effective when it is tailored to its target audience. With Vuelio, you can choose the way you share each release, whether that’s distribution through email, social media opublished in your online newsroom. 

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Keep track of everything 

Never worry about sending the same email twice. When you send a press release using the Vuelio platformit automatically logs what has been sent to a contact so your entire team can easily see who’s been contacted and which story was sent. 

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Fine-tune your approach 

Understand how a journalist or influencer reacts to your press release in real-time. See who’s received it, who’s opened it and where they clicked. Combine that with information on unique visitors, time spent and bounce rates from your newsroom, plus social media monitoring tools, and you have everything you need to analyse and improve. 

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Track engagement to prioritise pitches

Don’t waste time chasing unresponsive contacts. With full visibility of engagement levels, your team can easily prioritise and structure follow-up calls. 

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Press Release Distribution

Reach thousands of news sites and wires

Send your press releases directly to journalists’ desks or over all the major wire services in the UK and across the globe. You can distribute your releases to traditional media like newspapers, magazines and broadcast news desks, along with business and trade journals, news bureaus and wire services. Cover the web with access to 3,500 of the most-visited news websites, online services and news aggregators—and receive follow-up reports on the performance of your press release.

Press release distribution is straightforward, flexible and fast with Vuelio. Our easy-to use distribution wizard helps you organise your distribution lists and send press releases by email, website and wires – instantly, by whatever method your contacts prefer.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Make sure your content ranks

Getting your press release out is only half the battle. Making sure it’s seen is the other half. Improve both your search engine rankings and the chances of your release being picked up by uploading your content to your unique newsroom.

Our press release search engine optimisation (SEO) tools increase the chances of your stories ranking higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing – where journalists, influencers and consumers will be looking. In addition, you can share your content with social networking communities, blogs, networks and more, straight from the Vuelio platform, helping you further improve your SEO.

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Find out how you can quickly and easily send out your press releases with News Distribution from Vuelio. We help some of the biggest names in PR manage their communications and get better results.

Deliver your story directly into the media’s inbox – distribute your releases to traditional media like newspapers, magazines and broadcast news desks, along with business and trade journals, news bureaus and wire services.

Analyse your releases and understand who has engaged with your stories – easily find out if your email has been delivered, opened or clicked to prioritise and structure follow-up calls.

Never worry about sending the same message twice – with automatic logging of each release, you have full visibility over who you have contacted and which story was sent.

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