Media Monitoring

Understand how your story has been received by journalists and influencers with a comprehensive selection of media monitoring, listening and evaluation tools.

See the impact of your content across broadcast, print, online and social media, all in one place. 


Keep your finger on the pulse

In real time, review how the media are reporting your story, wherever it appears. Our platform lets you track how a story develops across media, online and social – from appearing in a national newspaper to a magazine, online trade title or blog. 

Stay on top of the coverage that matters

Never miss a story with complete brand, competitor and industry tracking across print, broadcast and online media. Our clients trust us to always deliver the reporting they need, with more than 2 million pieces of coverage shared daily.  

Seamless integration

Use the insights from media monitoring to inform your PR and communications strategy. Analyse what is being reported then access an unrivalled database of journalists and influencers, press release distribution services and advanced evaluation tools, with no need to switch platforms. 

Thames Water

Vuelio is a valuable tool which enables us to monitor our media coverage closely, measure our successes and ensure we’re always contacting the right journalists and outlets with the right stories.

Becky Trotman, Senior Media Relations Officer


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Key Features

Track every mention and understand its impact with our comprehensive media monitoring.

Social Media Monitoring

Listen in on multiple platforms

Monitor all forms of social media content across blogs, social networking sites, forums, comments, opinion sites and top video and image sharing sites including Twitter, Facebook and more.

Compare traditional coverage against social media mentions to understand the trends and tone used on different platforms. Social insight allows you to follow your story as it spreads across popular social networks.

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Online Media Monitoring

Track your story across the web

Understand how your story is being shared by monitoring hundreds of thousands of websites, newswires and digital publications.

To ensure you know where your story is being covered, Vuelio online media monitoring includes unlimited keywords and unlimited coverage for a flat-fee.

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Print Media Monitoring

Gather insights from traditional sources

Gain access to tens of thousands of print publications including the top national, regional and local newspapers, trade and consumer magazines, newsletters, trade journals and more.

Our print monitoring service lets you analyse traditional press mentions alongside online and broadcast, so you have full visibility of how conversations are emerging and the impact on each medium.

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Broadcast Media Monitoring

Watch your news unfold on TV and radio

Our broadcast monitoring service streams more than 25,000 hours of broadcast content every day and lets you easily edit and share clips.

With 24/7 coverage of regional, commercial, international and national channels, we monitor your mentions to deliver accurate representations of how your story is unfolding in the news.

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Executive News Briefings

Instead of rushing through all of your coverage each morning to present it to key decision makers, use the Executive News Briefing to deliver digestible summaries of your most important news stories, industry updates and competitor information.

The Executive News Briefing is a manual reporting service which delivers a daily news brief created by our analysts to summarise all of your coverage in one easy to read email report.

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Media Monitoring FAQ

What is a media monitoring service?

A media monitoring service provides users with media content and media coverage which is of interest to them, based on specific keywords and topics. The type of content monitored can include print (newspapers & magazines), broadcast (TV & radio), online (news websites & blogs) and social media.

The service can be used to track and measure the success of communications and brand reputation, monitor news about competitors and the marketplace and find information about emerging trends and discussions.

What is a media analysis?

Media analysis is the evaluation of pieces of media coverage to identify trends and insights, measure the results of communications campaigns and understand brand reputation and consumer opinions.

Media analysis tools can be used to evaluate a variety of metrics such as volume of coverage, circulation, sentiment, Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) and others, to demonstrate a return on investment (ROI) for communications campaigns.

What is social media monitoring?

Social media monitoring or social listening is the process of monitoring social media channels and content such as social networking sies, blogs, news, forums and message boards to identify the volume and sentiment of online conversations about a brand or topic.

Social listening allows users to identify the opinions of social media users on a topic or brand, measure the impact of marketing campaigns, identify opportunities for engagement and emerging trends, assess competitor activity and share of voice and track and manage PR crises.

What is social media intelligence?

Social media intelligence is the process of monitoring and analysing social media channels and content to identify trends and draw insights into social media users’ needs and opinions.

Social media intelligence tools can be used to determine the success of a marketing campaign, evaluate a brand’s reputation and consumer sentiment, influence social media discussions, determine product satisfaction and inform new product development.

How much does a media monitoring subscription cost?

The cost of a subscription depends on your needs. Media monitoring is highly customizable to requirements and depends on the type and number of keywords and topics you want to track.

We want to make sure you only pay for the monitoring relevant to your needs, so if you want to find out how much a service fitting your requirements costs, get in touch with us for a personalised quote.

PR & Communication Clients

Media Monitoring

Find out how you can easily track all your coverage with Media Monitoring from Vuelio. We help some of the biggest names in PR manage their communications and get better results.

Track every mention and understand its impact on your brand with our comprehensive media monitoring software, which tracks millions of social, broadcast, print and online sources.

Never miss a word that is being said about you in traditional media and online – we deliver more than 2 million pieces of coverage to our customers daily – so you’ll always have the latest coverage on your brand, competitors and industry. 

Manage all your PR activities in one place – combine monitoring with our unrivalled UK contacts database, our seamless news distribution service and our advanced analytics tools.

PR & Communication Clients

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