Journalist Enquiry Service

Gain exclusive access to journalist enquiries delivered straight to your inbox and get media coverage on top UK media outlets.

Connecting journalists to PRs

Get access to emailed requests for contributions to articles, case studies, interviews, product reviews and more.

Thousands of journalists from top national, regional, consumer and trade press along with TV and radio broadcasters visit ResponseSource regularly to request material

Only the best requests

Our quality control team review every media request for quality. You’ll only receive journalist enquiries that contain genuine media opportunities from verified content creators. Delivery filters exist to further refine your enquiry feed – filter by request type, media type and sender type. Our single office licence model allows multiple users to access the service.

Media requests to fit your business

Category based pricing means that your firm pays only for requests in the sectors most relevant to your business.

“With the pressure on PRs to respond to journalist requests often within the hour or risk missing the opportunity to comment, I’ve found the real-time alerts of the Journalist Enquiry Service really useful in ensuring I know what journalists are writing about and more importantly, when.”

Stephanie Crisp, Account Executive


Vuelio acquired ResponseSource in October 2018, combining market-leading journalist services with powerful communication software and stakeholder management tools.



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Journalist enquiries delivered straight to your inbox

Who sends requests

Thousands of journalists from all the top national, regional, consumer and trade press along with TV and radio broadcasters use ResponseSource to source information for editorial content.

How it works

ResponseSource delivers requests directly to your inbox from journalists, bloggers and broadcasters telling you exactly what they need, when they need it.

You can respond to relevant requests to help a journalist out, gain coverage and build relationships.

Choose from 25 categories

25 categories to choose from including Business and Finance, Food and Drink, Women’s Interest & Beauty, Health, Retail & Fashion and Travel. See pricing >

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