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Press release distribution is straightforward, flexible and fast with Vuelio. Get your news directly to your audience by sharing locally or globally with our web and wire distribution tool. Once you’ve created your targeted media lists, our distribution tool helps you organise your distribution lists and reach them by email, fax, phone, mail, online media centre and wires – instantly, by whatever method your contacts prefer.

Integrate with the Vuelio media database for seamless usability. Create, schedule and share press releases to your media lists and then track the engagement of each piece communication. Connect with your audience wherever they are, by harnessing the potential of Vuelio partnerships and SEO power, through optimised releases.


Reach more channels

Expand the range of your press releases with Vuelio. Reach journalists and bloggers the way they want to be reached and receive follow-up reports on the performance of each release. Learn from email analytics and distribution reports about the best ways to reach both existing and new contacts. Prioritise your pitches and understand your audience by viewing the open rates and click-throughs for each release.

Dominate the wire

Send your release to all major wire services in the UK and ROI—including traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and broadcast news desks, as well as business trade journals, news bureaus and wire services. Distribute releases with one click of a button to more than 3,500 of the most-visited news websites, online services and news aggregators in the world.

Customise your distribution

Customise your releases with text and HTML emails, sender addresses of choice, and target stakeholder and influencers in specific areas – both locally and internationally, by country or continent. Take complete control of your releases by personalising each communication with your company logo or create standard template which you can use throughout your releases.

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Find out how you can improve the reach of your campaigns with Press Release Distribution from Vuelio. We help some of the biggest names in PR manage their communications and get better results.

Instantly distribute your press releases to the right influencers – get your news directly to your audience by sharing locally or globally with our web and wire distribution tool.

Learn about the best ways to reach both existing and new contacts with email analytics and distribution reports.

Customise your releases with text and HTML emails and save time by creating standard templates which you can use throughout all your releases.

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