Vuelio Media Database

The largest UK database of media contacts

A must-have resource for PR and communications professionals

Tap into the PR industry’s most powerful media list. With access to more than one million influencers, outlets and opportunities, we connect you with the people that matter.

Broadcasters or journalists, expert bloggers or YouTube stars – whatever your organisation and whoever you need to reach, our database can help. 

What you get:

– Reach the media contacts that matter: journalists, editors, influencers, national and local press

– Build accurate, real-time media lists and easily target based on sector, interests, topics, location and more

– Access pitching preferences, preferred contact methods and other key details to guide your outreach

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About us:

Vuelio’s market-leading software helps public affairs, PR and communications professionals cut through the noise by giving them the tools they need to make their story have impact.

Our technology is used by more than 3,000 organisations around the world, from blue-chip enterprises and communications agencies to public sector bodies and not-for-profits, so they can better understand and connect with the people that matter to them.