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accessmatters – Sara Hawthorn, InFusion Comms

accessmatters is our new platform designed to encourage listening, sharing of experience, learning from best practice and collaboration on the actions that will have greatest positive impact.

In our first session, Sara Hawthorn, managing director at InFusion Comms, joins us live. Sara is a champion of diversity in PR and will be speaking about her own experiences as a deaf individual and owner of an agency outside of London that was recently awarded Blueprint Ally status.

Recess and Beyond – Building a public affairs strategy in a post-lockdown world

Our guest speakers include Dr Stuart Thomson, head of public affairs at BDB Pitmans, John Kavanagh, head of policy and public affairs at Global Infrastructure Investor Association and Jane Wallace, public affairs manager at Which? who will help you make the most out of recess and what public affairs will look like post lockdown.

Watch the webinar to learn:

• How to make the most out of the last month before recess
• How to use recess to build your strategy and relationships
• What public affairs might look like post-lockdown

Moving from Crisis to Recovery – Insights from the Vuelio Barometer of Comms Leaders

Watch the webinar to learn the insights from the Vuelio Barometer of Comms Leaders with David Jinks, Head of Consumer Research Publications and Public Relations at ParcelHero, and Liz Slee, Head of Media at Enterprise Nation and director at the think tank The Enterprise Trust.

The Barometer explores trends in the online discussions of comms leaders using publicly available data through our sister brand Pulsar’s platform. It reveals the distinct ‘types’ of comms leaders, the shifting balance between action and recovery, and the campaigns gaining most traction during lockdown.

Social (Media) Isolation – Influencer marketing in the time of coronavirus

Influencers’ audience numbers are up as lockdown forces people to spend more time online. With bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers still creating innovative and engaging content, is now the right time to increase your influencer marketing activity? And what’s the best way to work with influencers through lockdown and beyond?

In this webinar we are discussing the results of the Influencer Survey 2020 and collaboration best practice with Ciara Attwell, of the super popular My Fussy Eater, Elle Linton, fitness influencer and creator of Keep it simpElle and Rosie Bennett, PR manager and Sarah McCann, content and community manager both from PDC Brands which includes; Eylure, Dr Teal’s and Elegant Touch.

After the storm: Planning for preparedness post COVID-19

COVID-19 is presenting acute challenges for organisations on every level – from operations and revenues to people and reputations.

We are aware of the heightened pressure facing communications teams to take a more proactive stance that will enhance their chances of a strong recovery when the wider economic picture improves.

Our webinar, After the storm: Planning for preparedness post COVID-19 hears from Chris Paxton, Chief Strategy Officer at Hotwire, Annabel Dunstan, founder and CEO of Question & Retain and Kate Fielding, director of Fielding Communications to help you engage with your stakeholders for best practice planning, as we all navigate these uncertain times.

Lockdown Lobbying: Public affairs in a time of social isolation

Public affairs relies on building and nurturing relationships. When face to face contact with MPs and stakeholder events can’t happen, what should be done to maintain policy engagement?

Vuelio brings together leading industry voices to discuss how to maximise this time and have an impact in this fast-changing environment

Joining our webinar, Lockdown Lobbying: Public affairs in a time of social isolation will be Robin Gordon-Farleigh, a former Downing Street communications strategist and adviser to two former Prime Ministers, Nicole Wilkins, publisher of Foresight News and Rob Dale, PRCA Consultant of the Year 2019.

Reflecting Reality: Tackling Diversity in Journalism

Our webinar, Reflecting Reality: Tackling Diversity in Journalism considers the British media today, and what should be done to ensure news coverage reflects the diversity of society in 2020.

Leading the discussion are Angela Henshall, External Partners Manager at the BBC’s 50:50 Project; Diane Kemp, Professor of Broadcast Journalism at BCU, Deputy Chair of the Broadcast Journalism Training Council and Director of the Sir Lenny Henry Centre for Media Diversity; and Will Gore, Head of Partnerships and Projects at the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ).

Watch the webinar to learn what can be done to improve diversity and the representation of marginalised groups at all levels of news production – from decision-making roles to news research.

How to build a charity brand

How to build a charity brand hears from industry experts on how to strengthen relationships with brand supporters while communicating effectively with all stakeholders, from families and healthcare professionals to journalists and MPs. Joining the discussion are Scouts’ Director of Communications and Marketing, David Hamilton and Brand and Ambassador Manager, Chris James. We will also hear from Lauren Kay-Lambert, co-managing director at purpose-led creative agency, Shape History, who will share insight in working exclusively with good causes.

Facts, Fakes and Fast News

Facts, fakes and fast news discusses how journalists can debunk disinformation and to help regain trust in journalism. Joining the panel are Professor Charlie Beckett, Director of Polis and the LSE Truth, Trust & Technology Commission Department of Media and Communications, Alan Meban, Director of FactCheckNI and Alastair Brian, fact checker for the Ferret.

Watch the webinar to learn:

• How to authenticate sources with tight budgets
• How to utilise fact checking services in the UK
• How to combat accusations of fake news and misinformation

We are all influencers now

The #FuturePRoof guide to influencer marketing addresses the need for influencer marketing governance in public relations. We’re all influencers now aims to educate practitioners about influencer relations campaigns, highlighting best practice for brands, agencies and influencers.

We are delighted that the founder and editor of #FuturePRoof and MD of Astute.Work, Sarah Waddington will be joining our exclusive webinar with the co-author of the publication and MD of Metia, Stephen Waddington. They will be joined by media and IP law specialist and Partner at Evershed Sutherland, Andrew Terry to discuss why PR is in best position to take ownership of influencer marketing, how to stay compliant and why everyone involved in a campaign has a responsibility to adhere to relevant advertising and media law.

Crisis Comms for Terrorist Incidents

How do you manage crisis comms for terrorist related events?

A new guide by the CIPR and CPNI explains how the right communications can mitigate the harmful effects of terrorist incidents and in some cases even prevent them in the first place.

We are delighted that the guide’s co-authors Sarah Pinch, Managing Director of Pinch Point Communications and Dan Gerrella, Associate Director at Liz Male Consulting will join our webinar, Expect the Unexpected – Crisis Comms for Terrorist Incidents to discuss best practice for communication management before, during and after terrorist incidents.

Influencing the Agenda with Vuelio Political Services

Brexit, elections and the biggest political turmoil in a generation – how are you keeping up with who is leading the agenda on domestic policy areas important to your organisation?

Join us for a live demo to see how you can use Vuelio to identify, understand and engage key political stakeholders at a local, regional and national level.

We’ll show you how to find political contacts and understand who is leading the agenda in the policy areas you’re looking to influence with comprehensive political monitoring.

March 2019: UK Bloggers Survey 2019 – The Results

The definitive UK Bloggers Survey reveals the rising number of professional bloggers, how PRs should be measuring collaboration success and how much bloggers charge for posts.

Our special guests Lloyd Griffiths and Yaya Onalaja-Aliu from Hand Luggage Only and Elle Linton from Keep it simpElle are joining us to take us through the survey results and give a unique insight into their lives as bloggers, how they’re working with brands and PRs and how they engage with influencer marketing.

March 2019: Emergency Brexit – Brexit predictions for the comms industry

The UK is set to leave the EU on 29 March – that’s only a few weeks away. Our webinar explores what these final weeks have in store for the comms industry and what’s coming next.

November 2018: An Introduction To The Journalist Enquiry Service

Are you struggling to secure media coverage? The Journalist Enquiry Service turns the pitching process on its head – journalists reach out to you for help with articles, reviews, case studies, spokespeople, locations and celebrities.

Following our acquisition of ResponseSource, we are delighted to present a detailed introduction to the Journalist Enquiry Service, showing how easy it is to use and how quickly it can secure you coverage.

The Journalist Enquiry Service is used by all the national press outlets, key trade and consumer titles, leading bloggers and websites, and popular broadcasters – all of them looking for experts like you.

October 2018: Pay to Play – Fake Followers, Fraud And The Ethics Of Influencer Marketing

Is your influencer marketing a hit? Or are fake followers plaguing your results?

Whether you want to be brilliant with bloggers or great on the gram, finding real influencers who can help you produce real results, is a real issue. With influencer fraud on the rise, and some bloggers charging thousands for a single post, it’s never been so important to prove the ROI of your campaign.

Our webinar focuses on the ethics of influencer marketing and we are joined by digital strategist and former Ketchum digital director, Scott Guthrie. Scott knows why it’s not all about the numbers and will explain how you can collaborate with the right influencers in the right ways.

September 2018: Making the most of party conferences

Party Conference Season is just around the corner, and with Brexit looming large over every major party, we’re in for an explosive autumn.

Our webinar – hosted by political and communications supremo Lionel Zetter, author of Lobbying, the Art of Political Persuasion – will guide you through Party Conference season, revealing how to get the most out of every day for the biggest return on your time.

He’s joined by our very special guests: Jonathan Isaby, editor of BrexitCentral and former Daily Telegraph columnist, and Sabine Tyldesley, account manager at PLMR who specialises in parliamentary processes and integrated public affairs campaigns.

August 2018: How to Turn Your Reports into a Masterpiece with Vuelio Canvas

Whether you’re putting together pitches, research, press books, reports, case studies, media coverage, news rooms or analytics, Vuelio Canvas is for you. In this webinar, we explore how Vuelio Canvas can save you time AND turn your content into a masterpiece, making you look as good as you are.

Watch this webinar to learn:

– How you can use anything from a graph to a tweet to prove your worth

– Why you already know how to use Vuelio Canvas

– How quick and easy it is to turn a report into an interactive presentation

August 2018: How to create an award winning campaign II

How do you create an award-winning campaign that challenges consumer perceptions?

Creative PR specialist Tin Man knows how – as its recent win at the CIPR Excellence Awards shows. Its #ISeeMore campaign tackled the challenge of getting young girls to consider careers in engineering for The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Join Mandy Sharp, founder and CEO of Tin Man, and Hannah Kellett, External Communications Manager, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, as they explain why the campaign worked, what it takes to win awards and what lessons can be taken from their success.

July 2018: Diversity in Comms – How the PR and comms industry can improve

The PR and comms industry is not diverse enough, but the Taylor Bennett Foundation is trying to change that. Taylor Bennett Foundation alumnus Kuldeep Mehmi tells his own inside story of diversity in the industry and what we can all do to improve it.

Listen to the recording to hear how Kuldeep has worked his way to the top and learn:

– How diverse our industry truly is and why diversity matters

– What the Taylor Bennett Foundation is doing to promote diversity and how you can help

– How we can change attitudes to improve the PR and comms industry

June 2018: Crisis Comms – Lessons from Greater Manchester Police

What if a crisis is a matter of when, not if? What if it’s both unpredictable and inevitable? What can you do to make sure you expect the unexpected?

Amanda Coleman is one person who knows how to stay cool in a crisis.

As head of corporate communications at Greater Manchester Police, Amanda has been through some challenging times, including last year’s Manchester Arena terrorist attack and the August 2011 riots.

Amanda has learned valuable lessons from every crisis she’s been through and will share all of them with you on an exclusive Vuelio webinar.

May 2018: How to Improve Your Influencer Relations

‘How to Improve Your Influencer Relations’ explores ethical and effective collaborations from the PR’s perspective, with our guests Anne-Marie Lacey, managing director of Filament PR and Debbie Sharratt, independent PR practitioner and blogger at My Boys Club.

You’ll learn:

• How to use the ASA guidelines, CAP code, Google rules and social media secrets

• What paid-for content really means and when you need to disclose

• How ethical relationships can boost your brand’s reputation and ROI

• What to do if your influencers break the rules

April 2018: GDPR for Comms

GDPR is the most important change in data protection in 20 years. It affects everyone who deals with personal data, and getting it wrong is not an option.

Vuelio is delighted to partner with Rowenna Fielding, GDPR specialist at Protecture, to discuss:

• What GDPR means for the comms industry

• Why you need to know the difference between ‘legitimate interest’ and ‘consent’

• How to comply and still communicate successfully

March 2018: Empire State of Mind – Going Global with Relevance International

Representing some of the biggest names in luxury and real estate, Relevance International is on a meteoric rise and we’re delighted that Suzanne Rosnowski is joining us for our webinar: Empire State of Mind – Going Global with Relevance International.

Suzanne will be discussing how PR is different in New York and London, and why her clients increasingly want one agency to cover the entire planet. We’ll also explore the ethical boundary between paid and earned media, and how different markets use influencers in different ways.

Watch the webinar to learn:
• What it takes to communicate on a global scale
• Whether it’s ever worth paying for PR
• How to expand an agency to new countries and time zones

March 2018: Vloggers, YouTube and Brands – Who is Responsible

Logan Paul thrust vlogging into the global spotlight, with a controversial video making him headline news around the world. The post led to a huge backlash against the millionaire vlogger, with YouTube changing its rules about monetising content and booting Logan Paul off its elite preferred ad programme. But who is ultimately responsible? Should vloggers be regulated like journalists?

Lucy Wood, vlogger, blogger and freelance journalist, will guide us through the confusing world of brand collaborations on YouTube and outline best practice for everyone.

January 2018: Managing Stakeholder Relationships

How do you manage your media relations? What about celebrity ambassadors? Child ambassadors? Political contacts? External Services? Researchers? Staff?

Watch this webinar and find out how to manage stakeholder relationships and remain consistent in the face of chaos.

November 2017: How to create an award winning campaign

In this Vuelio webinar we’re speaking to Michael Webb, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home about the work that went into the award-winning ‘Five-Year Sentences for Animal Cruelty’ campaign and how the charity made it a success.

This webinar will teach you:

• What it takes to make an award-winning campaign

• How to make charitable messages resonate with the public

• How to influence government policy

October 2017: Storytelling with Vuelio Canvas

Watch the recording to learn how you can bring your presentations to life with Vuelio Canvas. Impress your boss, co-workers and clients by transforming your data and content into engaging stories.

We will show you how you can bring together individual elements from millions of media sources, be it news stories, social media activity, charts, PDFs, video or audio files into beautiful presentations made in seconds.

September 2017: UK Bloggers Survey 2017 – The Results

From Bedrooms to Boardrooms: The Evolution of Blogging.

As more and more influencers see blogging as a valid career path, PRs have no choice but to have a clear strategy for handling blogger relations.

Who better to comment on the Vuelio Bloggers Survey 2017 results, and discuss the current state of blogging, than Jo Middleton – author of the award-winning parenting blog, Slummy Single Mummy > >

August 2017: Beyond the Headlines – Covering all sides of the story: Media Monitoring in the Post-Truth World 

Call it alt-media, post-truth, fake news – there is a growing body of information available online that’s setting agendas that challenge the mainstream media. So how are you making sure you’ve got all sides of the story covered?

Learn how you can keep track of all the latest developments in news and politics, and find the right content across millions of sources while being able to analyse the results in real-time. > >

May 2017: The Dos and Don’ts of Blogger Outreach – Find out how to build meaningful relationships with bloggers and improve your blogger outreach  >>

April 2017: Influencing Public Affairs Webinar with guest speaker Lionel Zetter, former President of the CIPR and the CIPR Government Affairs Group, and the current Chairman of the PRCA Public Affairs Group.   >>

October 2016: How to Get Rich by Blogging with guest speaker Natasha Courtenay-Smith, entrepreneur, digital marketing strategist and publicist  >>

September 2016: Futureproof, PR in the 21st Century with guest speaker Sarah Hall, President-Elect CIPR  >>

June 2016: Hooked – PR that journalists can’t resist with guest speaker Amanda Ruiz, PR coach and consultant  >>

October 2015: 5 Steps to Managing a Crisis in a Social World with guest speaker Kathryn Kelly, PR & media consultant  >>

July 2015: Pitch Perfect: Giving Journalists What They Want with guest speaker Janet Murray, PR coach, consultant and journalist  >>

June 2015: The Press Release Clinic with guest speaker Debbie Leven, The PR Coach >>