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The Online Influence Awards are the first UK Awards to celebrate the best podcasters, bloggers, instagrammers, vloggers and agency creators. It offers sponsors a unique opportunity to build relationships with the UK’s leading influencers and gain unprecedented exposure.

We will work with every sponsor to create a bespoke package that ensures a night to remember for you and your guests while delivering maximum brand exposure with those that matter most to you – this includes curating a ‘dream’ table of influencers relevant to your business.

The Online Influence Awards will be promoted extensively both online and across our comprehensive database. Your branding will be across our dedicated website, all promotional materials before, during and after the awards. The exclusive night will be one to remember. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Event Details
Date: Friday 22nd November 2019
Time: 18:30 until 03:00
Venue: The Bloomsbury Ballroom
Dress Code: Formal

Sponsors of the Online Influence Awards 2019

A Gay and a Nongay

A Gay And A Nongay,is the UK’s biggest LGBQT+ podcast with 2.5 million downloads. Hosted by James Barr and Dan Hudson, Radio Times calls it ‘the most fundamentally kind and funny podcast in Britain’ Following a successful run at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the duo have recently produced a BBC Radio 1 documentary investigating so called gay conversion therapy in the UK.

Bonne Maman logo

Bonne Maman, famous for its signature gingham lid, is proud to create delicious and authentic products, using the finest ingredients and simple French recipes. C’est bon, c’est Bonne Maman.

CALM logo

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is leading a movement against suicide — offering life saving services, provoking national conversation and bringing people together to empower everyone to reject living miserably and stand together against suicide.

On average,125 people in the UK take their own lives every week, with 75% of all suicide in the UK being male. CALM runs a free and anonymous helpline and webchat service from 5pm to midnight 365 days a year. CALM takes over 10,000 calls and webchats every month and, in 2018, directly prevented 675 suicides.

Alongside this life-saving service, CALM aims to create more action across society, against suicide through multi-award winning campaigns like Project 84, which succeeded in getting millions talking and the government appointing the UK’s (and world’s) first Minister for Suicide Prevention.

CALM also brings people together with collective action around interest points like running, football and art to drive cultural change and empower communities to better support the mental health and wellbeing of themselves and those around them.

Just £8 pays for a potentially life-saving call to CALM’s helpline. For more information, visit thecalmzone.net.

EMD UK logo transparent

EMD UK is the national governing body for group exercise. Funded by Sport England, their remit is to increase participation in group exercise. They focus on:

Training and development: EMD UK is passionate about industry standards and ensuring instructors have the correct skills. As an Active IQ approved training provider, they offer a range of Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications.

Workforce support: EMD UK offer a range services for instructors and fitness brands including competitive insurance, support in starting up, access to funding pots and more.

Projects and partnerships: EMD UK are currently working in partnership with This Girl Can to improve group exercise experiences for inactive women.

Technology innovation: EMD UK is the proud owner of classfinder; the UK’s largest directory of group exercise classes, powered by open data.

Gleam Futures

Gleam Futures manages digital-first talent; creators, entertainers and entrepreneurs who have emerged from digital platforms and developed a considerable loyal audience. Gleam manages quality talent who are among the top creators in the world; dedicated and passionate individuals who are determined to be professional and accountable while exploring their potential in all areas of media and merchandising.

In June 2019, Gleam launched Gleam Solutions; an end-to-end influencer marketing consultancy which harnesses the company’s experience in building people, brands, talent and, ultimately, businesses. It delivers effective and innovative talent-led marketing campaigns for brands with creativity and authenticity at the heart. With the power to access millions of talent across the globe, the 360-degree offering consists of six key pillars: strategy, creative, talent selection and vetting, campaign delivery, distribution and reporting. It combines data with Gleam’s unparalleled expertise to inform talent-led strategies that can integrate into more traditional marketing channels.

To find out more about Gleam Futures, visit gleamfutures.com.

kahicool logo

Introducing kahicool, an all natural, cold pressed energy™ drink.

Every bottle is packed with the finest fruits and vegetables and is never heat treated or from concentrate: Cold-pressed only, to preserve all of nature’s goodness and taste. Fuelled with exclusive first harvest Matcha hand-picked in Japan alongside carefully selected green tea extract, kahicool delivers the world’s first Cold Pressed Energy™ drink.

Welcome to the revolution!

Ossa logo

Ossa Organic believe in the restorative, healing properties of natural food. Ossa have developed foods that focus on supporting digestive health and wellbeing. Our range includes bone broths, grass fed fats and an apple cider vinegar tonic – all natural and organic foods which have been shown to help lower inflammation and nourish the microbiome.

Ossa was founded in 2015 by Catherine Farrant after she discovered the myriad benefits of organic bone broth while pregnant with her first child. During this time Catherine would use organic bones from her butcher to make the traditional broth at home, a process of upcycling and sustainability which still remains a key function of the business today.

Ossa believes in tradition not trend. Ossa’s range of bone broths and bone broth based soups are all organic, slow cooked, made by hand and never processed. In 2018 and 2019, Ossa was named a ‘Best for The Environment Honouree’ by B-Corp which recognised our tremendous efforts to create products that are naturally better for both consumers and the environment.

Ossa’s mission is to inspire people to use every meal as an opportunity to nourish, heal and restore their bodies.

OTTY logo small

OTTY Sleep is an award-winning mattress retailer based in the heart of Yorkshire. Founded in 2016, the company has designed its mattress and pillow ranges with a number of unique features to soothe the body and aid sleep – an ethos which helps each sleeper to get the best night’s sleep.

PRCA logo

Founded in 1969, the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) is a UK-based PR and communications membership body, operating in 66 countries around the world. Representing in excess of 30,000 people, the PRCA is the largest PR membership association in the world. The PRCA promotes all aspects of public relations and communications work, helping teams and individuals maximise the value they deliver to clients and organisations. The Association exists to raise standards in PR and communications, providing members with industry data, facilitating the sharing of communications best practice and creating networking opportunities. All PRCA members are bound by a professional charter and codes of conduct, and benefit from exceptional training. The Association also works for the greater benefit of the industry, sharing best practice and lobbying on the industry’s behalf.

Prospect logo transparent

Prospect has established itself as a must-read title with key figures in government, journalism, policy making and business. People turn to Prospect for the ideas and trends behind the headlines and for a contrarian view of topics.

Its depth sets it apart. Each issue brings together the sharpest minds on the events and ideas that define the modern world. What results is an entertaining, informative and open-minded magazine that mixes compelling argument and clear headed analysis with elegance and vitality in design. Prospect is the Current Affairs Magazine of the Year 2018 (British Society of Magazine Editors).

Prova logo

Prova is a fully integrated communications consultancy, delivering dynamic strategic campaigns aimed at driving business growth. We’re passionate about making the impossible possible and delivering new ideas daily. As specialist storytellers, we utilise multiple communication platforms such as print, digital and audio/visual harnessing a results-driven attitude.

Pulsar logo

We partnered with leading agency clients for a study to help understand where agency analysts, planners and strategists need audience insights during their daily work and identified the following workflow, which has shaped the Pulsar platform.

Actionable insights across social data through our world-class global audience intelligence tool, collecting data across 170+ languages, leading the evolution in social listening.

Built by a research agency for agencies to test creative ideas, inform new business pitches and plan content or brand strategy.

Our dedicated Agency Category Team are experts in leveraging industry insights for agencies, and we also offer an in-house research consultancy solution.

Splento logo

Splento is the UK’s leading photo and video platform. We help businesses convey their messages and market themselves better via professional photography, recorded video and Live Streamed video. Thousands of clients from Google and Facebook, the Royal Family, Mobile World Congress, Informa to government bodies, SMEs and solo entrepreneurs can attest: www.splento.com/reviews

Splitcha logo

Shopping online abroad sucks. One account with us lets you shop online in any country as if you’re a local. It’s quicker, cheaper and carbon efficient. One app, one account, one world. Launching Q4 2019 across six countries.

London Cabaret Club logo

Award winning entertainment concept The London Cabaret Club, the city’s hottest immersive dining concept. CEO Evelina Girling and Creative Director Doni Feriro bring show stopping professional dance with gourmet cuisine in the opulent Bloomsbury Ballroom, for a night like no other.

Topps Tiles logo

Topps Tiles is the UK’s leading tile specialist with over 360 stores nationwide. Our exciting and truly innovative new website (launching 2 October 2019) is designed to provide maximum inspiration to our customers; helping them envisage their dream project. Our aim is to provide all the tools and knowledge to allow our customers to have the confidence to create a space they love in their homes.

Our extensive product range means there’s something for everyone, from porcelain and ceramic to intricate mosaics and bold natural stone. Finishing touches, like coloured grout and trims, are as equally important as the tiles and we pride ourselves in offering exclusive ranges you can’t find anywhere else.

Top trumps logo

Top Trumps is the card game where each card is packed full of stats and facts. The game has been around for over 40 years and has always been a playground favorite. Whatever the topic, Top Trumps helps children learn while having fun. It’s the perfect teaching tool for any age and great to use as part of a lesson plan, during break time or at after-school club. Nokia NCB research found Top Trumps assists with numeracy, builds knowledge and enhances reading skills.

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