Winners 2018

Best UK Blog 2018 winner

Best UK Blog 2018


Victoria Magrath

Beauty Blog 2018 winner


Caroline Hirons

Daniel and Ben Hirons on behalf of Caroline Hirons

Daddy blog winner 2018


The DADventurer

Donna Wishart on behalf of Dave Hornby

Food & Drink Blog winner 2018

Food & Drink

Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

Elizabeth Atia

Health & Fitness Blog 2018 winner

Health & Fitness

Carly Rowena

Victoria Magrath on behalf of Carly Rowena

Interior Design Blog 2018 winner

Interior Design

Mad About The House

Kate Watson-Smyth

London Lifestyle Blog 2018 winner

London Lifestyle

Poppy Loves

Jordan Newfield on behalf of Poppy Loves

Men's Fashion Blog 2018 winner

Men’s Fashion

Ape to Gentleman

Mummy Blog winner 2018


Slummy Single Mummy

John Adams on behalf of Jo Middleton

Pet Blog 2018 winner


Steph and the Spaniels

Stephanie Jayne

Political Blog 2018 winner


Guido Fawkes

Tom Harwood

PR & Comms Blog 2018 winner

PR & Communications

PR Examples

India Maclennan and Georgina Vincent

Travel blog winner 2018

Travel & Leisure

Hand Luggage Only

Yaya Onalaja-Aliu and Lloyd Griffiths

Wedding Blog 2018 winner


Love My Dress

Best Womens Lifestyle Blog - Lily Pebbles

Women’s Fashion


Victoria Magrath

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