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"With Vuelio, everything is all in one place, and everything is connected. We can see how much coverage we’re getting and for what releases, which will ultimately make planning future campaigns more successful. Vuelio is a really useful, efficient and smart way of distributing press releases, tracking enquiries and analysing our coverage."

Juliette Maxam, Media Manager Greater Anglia

"Vuelio is a valuable tool which enables us to monitor our media coverage closely, measure our successes and ensure we’re always contacting the right journalists and outlets with the right stories."

Becky Trotman, Senior Media Relations Officer Thames Water

"The Vuelio platform helped us maintain our momentum while we joined with high-profile figures to campaign for fair food distribution across the country and continues to aid in our ongoing work. Alongside the easy-to-navigate platform, the Vuelio customer support team has been invaluable. It’s certainly been the best customer service I’ve ever received from a media monitoring service."

James Persad, Head of Marketing & Communications FareShare

"Since this was a new way of reporting, they made everything clear and transparent without all of the complicated jargon that some companies use. They understood that we needed something that is easy to understand yet effective.

Receiving these reports saves us valuable hours of time totting up figures and working out percentage increases or decreases in both our coverage volume and reach."

Kate Bunting, Head of Media Relations Cats Protection

"The database also had as much data for political stakeholders at a devolved level as it did for those in Westminster – something which, for us, was a key requirement. We have also been consistently impressed by the level of technical support we have received from Vuelio, which is allowing us to get the most out of the system."

Ed Bridges, Public Affairs Manager Cardiff University

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