Vuelio Canvas

Create a stunning visual presentation in seconds, and say goodbye to time consuming, hard to read spreadsheets, clipbooks and PDFs.  

When the time comes to report on your activity, Vuelio Canvas allows you to instantly generate a showcase of news stories, social media activity, video and audio from across the web and offline. 


Spend time on what matters

Collating, sharing and presenting your work can be a big drain on your team’s time. Vuelio Canvas dramatically speeds up the process by creating a templated visual presentation, all you need to do is paste in the links. Our software automatically picks out all the key information and displays your stories in a user-friendly, beautifully designed webpage. 

Quickly distribute coverage reports

You’ve worked hard to earn your coverage – now it’s time to showcase your success. Canvas reports can be easily shared both internally and externally by forwarding the unique URL. Responsive design ensures your presentation can be viewed by everyone, no matter the device or browser. 

Demonstrate ROI

Coverage is only one part of your reporting – and Canvas allows you to easily showcase key statistics, too. Our easy-to-use charting software allows you to generate clear and compelling statistic reports, whether you’re measuring publication reach, page views or number of shares.


• Automatically collates coverage for you – simply insert the URL and we do the rest
• No limits on the number of Canvas pages you can create or the pieces of coverage you highlight
• Easy-to-use, intuitive interface
• Accessible from any device and browser across desktop, tablet and mobile
• Multi-channel reach – social media updates, web and traditional media coverage side by side
• Custom reporting tool to create charts and graphs to highlight your performance


Industry Leading Clients

How and why the very best communicators manage their communications with Vuelio.



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Find out how you can save precious time and improve your PR with the Vuelio Canvas. We help some of the biggest names in PR manage their communications and get better results.

Showcase your coverage in seconds – present all your news stories, social media activity and any other content from across the web or offline.

Easily share content with your team and the public – just send the unique Canvas URL with your team or the public, knowing it will look great on any device or browser.

Replace complicated Excel spread sheets, clip books and PDFs – showcase your comms activities and demonstrate the value of your efforts using a beautiful, easy-to-use tool.

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