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The Vuelio Insights team partners with clients to produce bespoke reports that identify risks and opportunities, and demonstrate the value of your PR. Whether you need to understand campaign performance, KPIs, media impact, crises, strategic decisions or your audiences, our Insights team works with you to create easily digestible reports and media evaluation.

Each report provides a concise and consistent interpretation of your PR data, as well as the broader context of the market and your competitors. This gives you all the knowledge and tools to prove your strategy and success to the Board, C-Suite and wider business.

Our team of analysts presents only the results that matter and ensures each report is understandable – however much communications experience the reader has. This not only proves ROI but helps boost PR budgets and recognition from stakeholders.

Insight reports

Crisis Management

When a crisis hits, you need to understand its immediate impact and the way it spreads both on and offline. Only with full context can you brief internal stakeholders and provide a tailored response that maximises your organisation’s reputation.

Crisis Management reports track the themes and issues, with quick turnaround recommendations to inform your crisis management plan. And if the worst is yet to come – the Vuelio Insights team can prepare you for a crisis that may be on the horizon by exploring predicted issues and potential threats.

Crisis Management report from Vuelio Insights
Campaign performance reports from Vuelio Insights

Campaign Performance

You know your campaign will be a success, but without full reporting and meaningful measurement, that is difficult to prove to your stakeholders.

The Vuelio Insights team partners with you to understand your campaign’s aims and objectives, and builds Campaign Analysis reports to fit your needs throughout the campaign timeline.

KPI Evaluation

Your colleagues, leaders or the board need to understand how well you are delivering as a PR and communications function. Keeping track of your results on a regular basis provides consistency and shows your success as a trackable trend.  

KPI Analysis reports provide all the measurements you need to understand the overall performance of your activity and power you with the insights behind the information to explain what the data means.

KPI evaluation reports from Vuelio Insights
Media Impact Analysis from Vuelio Insights

Media Impact Analysis

You can design your comms to fit the changing needs of your audience. Level up your media analysis with a detailed understanding of your current performance versus your competitors, allowing the Vuelio Insights team to point out the risks, threats and opportunities your organisation is facing.

Media Impact Analysis reports comprehensively review inputs and outputs of your communications strategy with a focus on quality of content and recommendations to support your comms plan.

Media Strategy Planning

The best communications strategies are built on insight and intelligence. With detailed analysis of your historic performance, as well as the market you operate in and the media you are targeting, you know your strategy will have a solid foundation.  

Strategy Planning reports use media insight to create SMART KPIs, review your strategy and make recommendations to adjust it for future years.

Media Strategy Reports from Vuelio Insights
Audience Analysis Reports from Vuelio Insights

Audience Analysis

Your audience is bigger than you think, with more relevant media contacts able to reach more people that want to hear your story. With the right audience insight, you can adjust your media outreach and messaging to ensure you are maximising your potential.

Audience Analysis reports combine social and media intelligence to reveal your entire target audience and help you create messaging that resonates with them.

Cats Protection

The reports that Vuelio provides equip us with the key metrics we need to evaluate our performance, as well as the digestible analysis to help us understand the results and how to improve in the future.

Kate Angel, Media Assistant, CATS PROTECTION

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Vuelio Insights

Vuelio Insights provides a greater depth of media analysis through our team of analysts who enrich your monitoring data for tailored, qualitative metrics, and produce insight reporting. 

Want to learn more? Get in touch today to see how the Vuelio Insights team can help you save time and help prove the value of your comms.

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