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Create a home for all of your communications with your own branded online media centre. Easily publish press releases, images and collateral of all kinds to an optimised, customised and integrated newsroom – and readily access the data you need to understand what works best.


Tailored to you

Make sure every visitor to your branded newsroom has a consistent experience. Vuelio online media centres are fully customisable to your organisation, with responsive design that guarantees you always look your best, whatever device or browser your visitors are using. 

Simple, efficient design

Our newsroom software is designed to make it easy for you to be in control of every aspect of your PR and communications. You can publish releases and collateral, integrate your organisation’s social media and monitor your effectiveness across the channels that matter to you, all in one place. 

Practical analysis

Vuelio’s real-time tools let you immediately see when your communications team send emailshow they’re received, and if they’re opened, read and clicked, with metrics including unique visitors, time spent and bounce ratesWith social and influence marketing analytics, you can understand the effectiveness of every campaign – then improve it. 

Full integration

Our online newsroom is designed to connect seamlessly with the full range of Vuelio tools and services. From publishing releases and sending to media lists, to managing enquiries, assigning activities and reporting on results, Vuelio allows you to manage your communications in the most efficient way. 

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Key Features

Our Online Media Centres make it easy for you to post press releases, images, audio and video to your website, without having to rely on IT departments or third-parties. You can post to a fully optimised, fully customised newsroom, while simultaneously sharing all your content and collateral via social media and sending it to your targeted media lists.

Database Integration

Our Online Media Centres are wholly integrated with our communications software, meaning you can publish simultaneously to your newsroom and send to your targeted media lists – providing a natural landing page for the journalists who receive your comms.

Press Release Distribution

Make sure your press releases are published exactly when, where and how you want them. Take control of your content and collateral by bypassing IT to publish to an Online Media Centre that’s fully customised, fully optimised, and fully integrated.


Measure the return on your communications investment by tracking the key performance indicators that reflect the goals of your organisation. By tracking email and website metrics alongside generated coverage, both in- and outside target publications, you have a wealth of information you can learn from and report on.

Image Library

Your content, your way. Publish all your latest images direct to the online media centre and build up a library of all your visual content, a fully searchable image archive for journalists and bloggers through which journalists and bloggers can explore your brand.

Enquiry System

Journalists and bloggers can contact you directly via the newsroom, and you have everything you need to manage those enquiries efficiently – from initial email notification, to directing it to the right corner of the organisation, to issuing briefing lines, to responding directly while recording every interaction.

Social Media Integration

Make sure your content is positioned far and wide. All the key social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, Pinterest and more – are accessible directly from every item of collateral in the Online Media Centre, with every page designed to promote sharing.

Responsive Design

Our Online Media Centres are fully customisable, fully optimised and fully responsive – meaning your brand is perfectly represented in front of the widest possible audience, whether they’re arriving via PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

Collaborative Working

Get the teamwork working on each item of collateral. Our unique content management system allows multiple users to work together, adding notes, questions and answers while leaving the owner final sign-off.

Easy to Use & Manage

Ever find that the hoops you have to jump through to publish your content lead to delays you can ill afford? Our Online Media Centres are simple to use, requiring no expert assistance beyond the initial set-up – leaving you to communicate whenever and however you want.

Media Alerts

The media is changing, faster than ever – keep on top of it. Our Online Media Centres keep you informed of the latest updates from our research team, whose combination of the right tech, the right relationships and the right media insights are guaranteed to keep you ahead of the curve

Find out how you can make your content more accessible for journalists and maximise your press coverage with Vuelio Online Media Centre. We help some of the biggest companies in the UK manage their communications and get better results.

Make it easy for journalists to access all your company news and media content – our Online Media Centres are fully customisable, with a look and feel to ensure consistency, and a responsive design that guarantees every visitor a fantastic brand experience.

Save time by managing all your releases, images and videos in a single platform – publish all your latest images  and build up a library of all your visual content, a fully searchable image archive for journalists and bloggers through which journalists and bloggers can explore your brand.

Track your press engagement and lines-to-take to ensure consistent media relations – measure the return on your communications investment by tracking the key performance indicators that reflect the goals of your organisation

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