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Monitor Parliament, engage with political stakeholders and contribute to policy – all on one comprehensive public affairs platform. 

Vuelio allows you to monitor everything that happens across the UK’s Parliaments, Government departments and within the wider landscape. Our political contact database includes details for parliamentarians and their staff, alongside council leaders, special advisers and council chief executives. 

Powerful political monitoring

Staying on top of policy is key to any public affairs strategy. But with a fast-paced, complex and often tumultuous political landscape, that’s never been more difficult.  

At the same time, today’s MPs are increasingly turning to social media to get across their point of view – meaning you need to look beyond traditional sources to engage with the stakeholders, including online influencers, that matter. 

Vuelio political monitoring gives you full visibility of everything that’s happening across the spectrum of Government, Parliament and Twitter, with tailored political content delivered in a way that works for you. 

Our dedicated content team will analyse and deliver information in a tailored, easy-to-understand format – maximising the time you have to put it to use. 

political monitoring

Up-to-the-minute database of political contacts

The Vuelio political database is a who’s who of the UK political landscape, constantly updated to reflect changes as they happen. 

From MPs to council leaders, peers to special advisers, we keep our directory constantly updated with staff details, searchable interests, APPG and committee membership, so you can immediately identify the political figures you need to reach 

Vuelios built-in email tracking, helps you analyse and boost your engagement with real-time feedback. 

Vuelio Political Reports

Vuelio Political Reports is a new tool for public affairs and communications practitioners to instantly analyse the complex political landscape and visualise stakeholder insight and trends across a range of channels, from Twitter to Parliament itself.

Spot patterns quickly, without having to manually identify stakeholders or spend hours researching the issue’s current momentum. Report instantly on the current political landscape with exportable graphs, charts and data.

Vuelio Political Reports also allows to you report retrospectively on topics and issues after the fact, so you can understand how your campaign was received.

Efficient workflow

Vuelio is designed to aid productivity and efficiency at every stage. Our interactive dashboard gives you an at-a-glance overview of your political monitoring, so you can easily, spot trends and find new political contacts.

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Key Features

Vuelio public affairs services: the comprehensive package for monitoring parliament, engaging with political stakeholders and influencing policy.

Political Monitoring

Monitor all activity from parliaments in Westminster, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Vuelio political monitoring spans all activity from parliaments in Westminster, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Our comprehensive service covers debates, parliamentary questions, Government announcements and committee reports, as well as information from political stakeholders such as charities, trade bodies and think tanks. You’ll also receive updates from MPs Twitter, and daily publications to keep you abreast of all Parliamentary activity. To prevent information overload, our experienced political team will work with you to make sure you only receive content that is relevant and timely.

Political Monitoring

Political Contacts Database

Over 25,000 political contacts from the parliaments in Westminster, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales

Welcome to the most up to date political database in the UK. Develop your network with over 25,000 political contacts from the parliaments in Westminster, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, as well as local government. We provide complete access to contacts in government departments and committees along with special advisers, MPs staff, All Party Groups, local council leaders and council chief executives. Track who opens and responds to your emails, and personalise the database by adding your own contacts and recording all of your interactions.

Public Affairs Dashboard

Key analysis of your tailored political intelligence

Our interactive dashboard provides you with key analysis of your tailored political intelligence, giving you a breakdown of who’s talking about your issues and how well your strategy resonates with stakeholders. The dashboard enables you to analyse data and report on your key priorities across all sources, and by quickly sharing information across your organisation, you can show your internal stakeholders the value of public affairs to your organisation – all in one click.

Find out how you can monitor your political environment and engage with political stakeholders with the Vuelio Public Affairs suite. We help some of the biggest names in Public Affairs manage their communications and get better results.

Monitor all activity from parliaments in Westminster, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland –  we deliver tailored political content to you in a format that makes the information easy to manage and fits your personal workflow

Over 4,000 political contacts at your fingertips – we provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date political database in the UK with complete access to contacts in national and local governments, special advisers, MP’s staff and All Party Groups.

Have complete visibility of all political activity that affects you – with our interactive dashboard you get key analysis of who is talking about your issues and quickly share information across your organisation.

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