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Is PR social enough?

Social media has democratized influence and media owners are no longer the keepers of the conversations. Content marketing evangelist Jaime Pham wrote for #FuturePRoof on the need for PR’s involvement in corporate social communications. Social ...

Political Updates 14th August 2017

This week’s Political Updates, covers moves and changes at all levels of government.    Government Departments Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Richard Oirschot, Mary Chapman and William Trower have been appointed as Non-Executive Directors ...

Is Cold Call PR Dead?

Most good PR professionals know how to work the phone and email, constantly pitching to journalists and editors and hopefully getting them to buy into whatever they have to say that particular day of the ...

Snapchat analyst confused on hot mic

Shares in Snap continue to decline after recently announcing missed targets on growth vs estimates. So, at a time when the company should be cosying up to Wall Street and reassuring investors, the last thing ...

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