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Interior Design Blogs UK Top 10

Last Updated 24/03/2016

1. Mad about the house
If you are mad about interiors, then you better visit this blog. It’s got ideas that range from mild to wild and visuals that make you want to redecorate. Author and interiors journalist, Kate Watson-Smyth, uses a friendly, conversational tone that puts readers at the heart of every home.

2. Dear Designer’s Blog

Author Carole King started this blog in 2009 as a way to create her ‘own little library of loveliness.’ The library she created helped her to then start up a digital interiors magazine. The Dear Designer blog remains her first love and boasts an extensive blogroll.

3. The Design Sheppard

Author Stacey Sheppard calls the blog her ‘online home’ and you are invited in. This blog stands out from others on the list for the functional yet beautiful ideas it offers – like for real homes.

4. Design Hunter

Launched in 2009, author Helen Powell’s Design Hunter is now an award-winning design and lifestyle blog with a focus on understated luxury and enduring modern design.

5. Love Chic Living

Author Jen Stanbrook has been busy writing a series about loft conversions and at other times, picking up awards including the Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Best Interiors Blog award! Jen shows off her ‘insatiable love of home decor, interior design and home accessories’ through the blog that first started out in 2012.

6. Fresh Design Blog

The name says it all – it’s a fresh take on interiors. This blog offers ideas  and inspiration for the modern and contemporary home and does so keeping costs in mind. Palm reading wallpaper, back to school bargains, geometric coffee cup sets…you get the gist?

7. Abigail Ahern

Recognised amongst design aficionados and devotees, Abigail Ahern’s blog is still one of the most influential interior design blogs out there and is a regular in our Top 10!

8. Sophie Robinson

Sophie has worked interior design for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge about the industry. Over the years Sophie has made a name for herself and appeared on BBC2’s The Great Interior Design Challenge.

9. HomeShoppingSpy

Featuring an array of different writers this blog features the latest decorating looks to the best new home-improvement ideas, plus new products from high-street stores that will help you to create your ideal home.

10. WowHaus

This is a blog that picks out the best and most interesting properties on the market. The properties featured on the site are very stylish with stunning architecture.   



The fundamentals of working with bloggers are the same as with traditional journalists at traditional media outlets: respect their schedules; take time to read their material to learn their interests; and only contact them if/when they want to be contacted.

Vuelio’s blog ranking methodology takes into consideration social sharing, topic-related content and post frequency. Profiles of these interior design blogs and their authors can be found in the Vuelio Media Database.


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Classical Music Blogs UK Top 10

Updated: 08/07/2015

1. Jessica Duchen’s Classical Music Blog

2. Planet Hugill

3. The Cross-Eyed Pianist 

4. Boulezian 

5. British Classical Music: The Land of Lost Content

6. Where’s Runnicles?

7. Richard Bratby

8. new:dots

9. Classical Iconoclast

10. The Official two Moors Festival Blog

The fundamentals of working with bloggers are the same as with traditional journalists at traditional media outlets: respect their schedules; take time to read their material to learn their interests; and only contact them if/when they want to be contacted.

Vuelio’s blog ranking methodology takes into consideration social sharing, topic-related content and post frequency. For a detailed understanding on how Vuelio decides its weekly blog ranking, please click here.

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1948 Nike store: a gathering of London’s urban social media stars

In a post last month on Business Insider, FirstMark Capital’s Amish Jani made the case for bricks-and-mortal retail as an endangered species.  Stores targeted according to sales performance, with their own P&L, will give way, Jani argued, to retail spaces as marketing channels whose function is to drive sales in the more efficient online environment.

Right now, that position appears somewhat fanciful, but for some power brands, it’s already very much part of their reality.

Last night Cision was at the re-opening of Nike’s 1948 store. Hidden away in the fashonable backstreets of Shoreditch, East London, 1948 is more marketing concept than money-maker. The site’s primary purpose is for Nike to hold events and collaborative projects to promote limited-edition produce and wider brand ideals.

It is also a social space for Nike’s audience, which last night comprised a significant number of urban fashion’s social media elite, including @OllieDanger and @TheDailyStreet crew. “Part retail outlet, part creative playground”, the 1948 store might be driving formerly real-world sales online, but it’s also bringing Nike’s online networks into the meatspace.

Top US & UK social media, online marketing and SEO blogs

Our US colleagues have just published the 2011 take on their annual list of the Top 100 social media and online marketing blogs, for the first time adding dedicated SEO blogs into the mix. In honour of this, we’ve refreshed our rankings of the top UK online marketing blogs – while I’ve also created a Twitter list of UK online marketing gurus.

Taken together, these resources represent the most influential transatlantic digital marketing blogs in Cision’s global media database.

Interview – Coco’s Tea Party

Coco’s Tea Party was launched in 2006, by fashion journalism student Ella Gregory. Since then the blog has gone on to attract thousands of daily readers, and in 2010 was listed in The Online Fashion 100, receiving praise from Telegraph fashion critic Hilary Alexander.

In December 2010 Cision’s Top 50 blog ranking gives Coco’s Tea Party as the UK’s 31st top blog.

Cision: What influenced you to start writing Coco’s Tea Party?

Ella: I only thought to start a blog because I was bored one day, and I’ve always been a bit of a magazine addict, so I was getting through the monthly magazines so quickly I needed something to do in-between issues. When I started blogging it hadn’t yet become a ‘thing’, and I wasn’t really aware anything would ever come from it.

Which fashion blogs do you follow and have you developed any relationship with them? If so, what have you gained from this?

I read a lot of blogs daily, my favourites are probably The Cut, Fashionista, Just Jared, Red Carpet Fashion Awards and Fashionologie as they’re updated all the time. I started Coco’s Tea Party around the same time that Discotheque Confusion started, so we’ve always offered moral support. And Disney Rollergirl is always great to go to with a blogging question.

German Grazia commented that ‘Fashion bloggers nowadays are considered to be as influential, if not even more, than traditional fashion journalists’. What is your opinion on this statement?

I do agree that certain fashion bloggers have become incredibly influential, and the style of blogging seems to be influencing more and more publications. However, I don’t think that blogs have (or will ever, for that matter) replaced traditional forms of fashion journalism. There are some great bloggers and great writers out there, but I still want to read show reviews by Suzy Menkes, Hilary Alexander, Sarah Mower etc.

Who do you think is the most influential fashion blogger? And why?

Gosh, that’s such a tricky question to answer. You have Bryan Boy who has become a bit of a celebrity, and then there are people like Scott Schuman, Garance Dore and Tommy Ton who are all working for magazines and brands now. And, of course, there is Susie Bubble. I think they all have a great deal of influence, but they also all have their niche, so I don’t know who I would call the most influential.

In your opinion as a blogger, how has social media changed the fashion industry?

It’s definitely opened it up and made it more accessible for customers and fashion fans to interact with brands in a way they never could before. The focus on the internet has made it vital for every big brand to have a presence online, whether it’s streaming their shows as they happen or tweeting.

How do you interact with PR’s and what advice do you have for them when contacting fashion bloggers?

As a fashion blogger I think you can tell when a brand is emaling because they genuinely like your blog and feel it’s a good fit for what they’re promoting. There are occasions when it’s clear the person sending the email has no idea what your blog is about, so I’d advise them to always do a bit of research first.

How has blogging helped you in your professional career?

I’ve made some invaluable connections and it’s definitely opened a lot of doors for me.

Are there any shows or events during London Fashion Week you would like to attend?

The Burberry show is always the highlight of LFW, and I’d love to attend their show again, especially as their A/W collections are always my favourites. Christopher Kane and Erdem are also dream shows for me, as they produce exquisite collections every time.

Are there any up-and-coming designers to look out for in 2011?

I’m liking what Joseph Altuzarra is doing at the moment, and I’m also a big fan of Australian designer, Dion Lee. I think both names will get bigger and bigger in 2011.


Also see Cision’s Top 10 UK Fashion Blogs part of Cision’s Fashion Week.

Top 10 UK Film Blogs

The year has hardly begun and we’ve already had a great lineup of movies,
most of us are still amazed by Avatar and its impressive CGI Technology and with the stack of award ceremonies taking place such as the Oscars! Its time to sit back, relax and get out the popcorn.

Follow David and Jon founders of HeyUGuys as they take look the latest blockbusters and classic movies they loved as a child. Ever thought of blogging on your favourite film, visit Thepeoplesmovies Blog who provides readers access to contribute to their very own film review, or take a look behind the scenes with Philip Bloom, a Director who features tutorials and information on the world of film-making.

Top 10 UK Home Improvement Blogs

With spring looming, numerous home improvement exhibitions e.g. the Ideal Homes Show, help us to clean up and show us from our most polished side. Cision Europe’s therefore presents the Top 10 UK Home Improvement blogs.

Discuss on Interior Design Blogs which fabrics suit your living space best or follow Artaberry blog advising on recreating the perfect interior.  Gather techniques with Problem Solved who writes on finding the right tradesman to do the job, or join in with DIY tutorials with Re Do It Yourself.

1. Problem Solved

2. Gordon Whistance Design Blog

3. Interior Design Blog

4. UK Energy Saving Blog

5. DIY Home improvement & architectural hardware

6. Re Do It Yourself

7. Artaberry blog

8. James Field Farm

9. Home Improvement Articles

10. Home Improvement Blog

More information on our social media methodolgy.

Top Ten UK Pop/Rock/Urban Blogs.

On Monday we launched Cision’s MusicWeek with a look at the Top Five Jazz Blogs.

Yesterday it was Top Ten Classical Blogs.

Today, it’s Pop/Rock/Urban.

Overall, the UK pop/rock/urban music blogosphere is a riot of festival and release news, interviews, celebrity gossip, videos and podcasts. The commercial aspects and mass audience of popular music is apparent as many of the top blogs are provided by online newspapers and magazines or major corporations – but there is also room for the niche voice.

From James Masterston divulging inside information on X Factor, to Music Like Dirt‘s musical map of London, to Stuart at My Chemical Toilet seeking signs of life in hip hop, the Top Ten UK Pop/Rock/Urban Music Blogs is a celebration of contemporary sound and vision in all its on-trend glory.

1. Popjustice

2. Real Music Blog


4. Chart Watch

5. Guardian Music Blog


7. Music Like Dirt

8. My Chemical Toilet

9. Buzzin Music Blog

10. There Goes the Fear

Tomorrow: The Top Ten UK Dance/DJ Blogs.