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Client Testimonials & Case Studies

See what our customers have to say about Vuelio’s products, people and services.

Testimonial   Sarah Dornford-May, Senior Communications Officer, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

cheshire fire service left-quotation-marks The Vuelio database is great for looking back at our campaigns and what we’ve put out in previous years. The contact areas are really good as well. It’s so handy to have everything in one place and it eases the process of sending out press releases and targeting them to specific areas. Since using Vuelio we’ve been amazed at the speed at which we can get information out. This makes our job much easier to do as it cuts time down, which enables us to spend time doing other things. Vuelio has also helped us to improve our relationships with our customers, who constantly tell us how excellent our communications is.  right-quotation-marks

Testimonial   Adrian Lent, Media Relations Manager, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust left-quotation-marks I think one of the great things about the Vuelio database is being able to find out what reporters and the general public are saying about us at any time of day or night. With the Vuelio database everything is recorded, you can see who’s tried to contact you and you can see what actions are being taken. Since we’ve been using Vuelio it has helped us not just to be more efficient in how we work but also look back at trends and identify where we need to target our efforts in the future. It also has improved our relationships with customers and has helped us to provide a speedy response and be on the front foot in our interactions.  right-quotation-marks

Testimonial   Roxanne Newell, Agency Manager, zero2one

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust left-quotation-marks The Vuelio database is so much easier to use than other databases we’ve used before and also the ranking system with bloggers and also journalists is amazing. We’d never seen that much insight in a database before. Another thing we loved about it was being able to sort through information that we could then share with clients, for instance if they were asking about the readership of publications or if we were looking at bloggers, then we could say that they have been ranked at this, so it helps us to justify the work that we were doing for them.

As a result of Vuelio’s weekly ranking system we are able to pick out who are the most influential bloggers in the UK. It’s helped us to secure lots of coverage which obviously makes our clients happy. Id’ also say that the levels of online coverage that we’ve secured since being with Vuelio has definitely gone up by about 40% per cent, which is huge revenue for us. If we didn’t have Vuelio and the ranking system I wouldn’t have been able to do that.  right-quotation-marks

 Case Study   London Borough of Islington

Islington Council is a Vuelio clientIslington Council, or more formally the London Borough of Islington, is a local authority serving over 206,000 inner London residents. Communicating information to residents is a crucial Council function. Announcements and Corporate information need to be published and disseminated in a quick and consistent manner without creating additional work for the busy communications team. Islington Council sought a software solution that was both easy to use and maintain. Read More…

 Case Study   The Barbican

barbican-logoThe Barbican is one of the world’s leading multi-arts and conference venues, and presents a diverse range of visual art, music, theatre, dance, film and education events. Its 11-person communications team uses software extensively to manage its relationships with the arts media and community, and to monitor news coverage of the artists from around the world who come to perform there. Read More…

Case Study   The University of York

the-university-of-york-logoThe University of York’s existing software provider stopped providing the media monitoring they required. They realised they could get a superior solution that offered the advantages of a single integrated system.  Read More…

Case Study   Bristol Airport

Bristol-Airport-520x245Bristol Airport became a client over two years ago. “At the time, we wanted to look at other options and we were becoming increasingly aware that our existing software was fairly limited in what it could offer compared to others available on the market. We required a more up-to-date tool that integrated social media monitoring, as we knew this was going to become a huge part of the mix.”. Read More…

St_Marys_largeAn exciting mix of traditional and contemporary makes up St Mary’s story, but the University College was struggling to find the right audience to listen to it. That is until our Content Marketing suite amplified the University’s PR and communications strategy by boosting reach and coverage. Read More…

Case Study   Winston’s Wish

Winstons WishWinston’s Wish is a national charity that helps bereaved children and young people rebuild their lives after the death of an important person in their life. As a registered charity, they rely almost entirely on voluntary donations to raise the £2.3 million needed each year to maintain their service. It is for this reason that building awareness is critical to the charity’s cause. Read More…

Testimonial   David Jinks, Head of PR and Publications, ParcelHero

ParcelHero logo left-quotation-marks Having used the software previously, the very first thing I did when I took my role at ParcelHero was introduce this invaluable tool. In around eight months we’ve had coverage from outlets as diverse as the Mail, Metro, FT and Forbes, thanks to the excellent database.

 Our account manager is always extremely helpful, ultra-efficient and friendly, and full of invaluable tips that have saved me hours and gained us extra publicity. She’s unflappable, even when I’m about to hit the wrong buttons, and I learn something new every time we speak! She organised comprehensive training for our outreach and social media new arrivals, and now the software is the entire marketing team’s main hub for every campaign. Highly recommended. right-quotation-marks

Testimonial   Corel Corporation

Corel Corporation Logoleft-quotation-marks   We’re really liking the Newsroom module and have customised the page quite a bit, as you advised (thank you for that!). We like how it optimises the release for search engines, adds images, tags, social media plug-ins etc   right-quotation-marks

Testimonial   Tom Lambregts, Head of Marketing, Olympia London & Earls Court

olympia-logoleft-quotation-marks   Huge, quick and easy to use. The PR database detail is exceptional – even informing you about changes to journalists’ status – and the monitoring is precise, accurate and, unlike a lot of tools, actually well formatted and easy to read. On top of that a huge amount of the stats are pushed through straight away, making reporting a lot easier. The learning modules are particularly useful, and Ben’s proactive approach to account management is really refreshing. As we have gone through staff changes he has always been there to offer one-to-one support in person, exhibiting a great balance of professionalism and patience. Even if you resort to calling their support desk they’re always really helpful. This service has become indispensable to our business.   right-quotation-marks

Testimonial   Jasleen Riyait, Senior Social Media Community Manager, Big Communications

Big-Communications-Logoleft-quotation-marks   Both social media and PR software have been crucial as part of my day to day job and without both of these tools, I wouldn’t be able to service my clients properly. The insight, accuracy and results combined with the professional and accommodating team makes it even easier to use. The social software is great for capturing online conversation for my clients that digs deeper than the surface while the integrated solution fully functions as an industry tool that I rely upon heavily from both a PR and social media perspective. The entire team are a pleasure to work with and always go that extra mile to assist with our goals and objectives’.   right-quotation-marks

Testimonial   Justin Webb, PR and Media Manager, The Trafford Centre

the-trafford-centre-logoleft-quotation-marks   As a one-person PR team, my post has been made more efficient with the introduction of Vocus. With so many competing demands, often at short notice, today’s press office needs a service it can trust, and which doesn’t need a doctorate in IT to operate. Apart from better reach for our press releases, and having contact details for so many journalists and editors, we really enjoy the malleability of the Vocus interface, and the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing your media service will be there when you need it.   right-quotation-marks

Testimonial   Katie Bennett, Royal College of Surgeons (RCS)

royal-college-of-surgeons-logoleft-quotation-marks   We renewed our media monitoring contract in January of this year and the personal service we have received from our account manager has been excellent. She is an extremely thorough account manager who has worked closely with us to understand our business needs to ensure we get the most from the service. It certainly helps that she has a solid background in PR and is social media savvy.   right-quotation-marks

Testimonial   Lisa Chaikin, PR Manager UK & US, Affiliate Window

affiliate-window-logoleft-quotation-marks The PR software allows us to analyse everything on a much deeper level than we would ever have been able to do before”, says Lisa. “We recently created a new competitors group, so we can follow what they are doing and where they are being featured, to see if we are missing a trick. With our previous supplier, we were essentially getting the same information via a daily email; however, the integrated solution gives us so much more and allows us to be on top of the competition 24/7.”   right-quotation-marks

Testimonial   Harriet Bews, Global Media Executive, Repucom

repucom-logoleft-quotation-marks   Jane has been our client service manager for 5 months now and has provided a great service across many projects. She is proactive in getting tasks done as well as being extremely supportive of our needs and requirements. Jane has been a true asset in building our relationship with a new company.   right-quotation-marks

Testimonial   David Garner, Senior Press Officer, The University of York

the-university-of-york-logoleft-quotation-marks   The software comes into its own when we have a huge international news story and we can see how it has spread globally online, see how it has reached key influencers and potential prospects and see what kind of reaction it has stirred. It also allows us to see results instantly.   right-quotation-marks

Testimonial   Louise Iles, Communications Manager, Halfords

Halfords-Logoleft-quotation-marks   The newsroom is an easy-to-use tool that integrates our distribution of email and online press releases. We post content such as press releases, images and quotes to engage with the press and increase SEO and social engagement. The newsroom has improved our online presence and created a platform specifically for the media away from our consumer content.   right-quotation-marks

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