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Vuelio GDPR Manager for compliant communications

With the arrival of the GDPR, we’ve added more features to help everyone comply with new standards of transparency and accountability in communications and stakeholder management.

As standard, Vuelio users now have the ability to download contact information and erase contacts in compliance with the GDPR. They can also access a GDPR audit trail on every contact’s profile, showing the date, time and user who added the contact, any changes that have been made and private data or notes.

With Vuelio GDPR Manager, you can meet the GDPR standards of transparency and help establish your legal basis for data processing, with options to share Privacy Policy notices with one or many contacts or, where applicable, to record their consent.

We’ve also created a wizard to help you manage and structure your responses to Subject Access Requests – all contacts now have the right to access the information you hold on them, and Vuelio allows you to verify requests, work to obtain the information and share it with applicants in a secure environment.

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The GDPR affects every company that collects, manages, stores and removes personal data. You can’t outsource your GDPR compliance; everyone needs to understand their own responsibilities. Vuelio GDPR Manager makes GDPR compliance easy:

  • Automatically send your privacy policy to new private contacts and include it on email releases
  • Record explicit consent from users
  • Justify when and how you’ve made changes to a contact’s details, and have an audit trail to prove it
  • Use new filters to search for contacts by their GDPR status and the legal basis of your relationship with them

Vuelio GDPR-Manager

Vuelio GDPR Manager

Under the GDPR, everyone has the right to request access to all the information you hold on them. It’s called a Subject Access Request (SAR) – and you’ve just 30 days to comply. With Vuelio GDPR Manager:

  • Each SAR links to a contact in the Vuelio Database
  • Manage the process from start to finish: record when, where and how the SAR was received, and assign tasks to colleagues
  • Start a clock, which counts down for 30 days, and can be paused when necessary
  • Generate, encrypt and attach personal data to complete the SAR in a secure environment

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GDPR became law on 25 May. That means every business has to change the way they handle personal data – from getting consent for email newsletters and using information from social media to cold calling and storing contact details.

GDPR can seem confusing, and with fines for getting it wrong reaching £17m or more, the consequences are severe.

Thankfully, compliance is pretty straightforward, and it is easy to make sure your processes follow the new rules.

We’ve put together a simple whitepaper that makes it easy to see what is required and what you need to do to comply.



GDPR is the most important change in data protection in 20 years. It affects everyone who deals with personal data, and getting it wrong is not an option.

Vuelio is delighted to partner with Rowenna Fielding, GDPR specialist at Protecture, to discuss:

  • What GDPR means for the comms industry
  • Why you need to know the difference between ‘legitimate interest’ and ‘consent’
  • How to comply and still communicate successfully

Your Guide to Vuelio and the GDPR


We’ve written a simple guide to the GDPR, specifically aimed at the PR and comms industry.

We know there are a lot of articles and guides about the GDPR already available – but there is also a lot of misapprehension and misinformation. This white paper ensures everyone has straightforward, correct information to help them comply.

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Designed to give more control to individuals over how their data is collected and processed, the GDPR has been a hot topic for months in the UK, but seems to have caught some in the US by surprise.

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