Stakeholder Management


Your organisation manages relationships with a wide range of stakeholder groups – regulators, government agencies, community, public, investors, industry bodies and the media. How effectively it manages them is a different matter.

Simple, Consistent, Effective Stakeholder Relationships

Vuelio helps you to maintain strong, consistent and effective relationships with your key stakeholders. Developed specifically for communications teams seeking to monitor, measure and manage relationships across the entirety of an organisation, the software helps you keep track of what’s happening through logging all the key interactions across your business in a fully searchable central repository.

Vuelio is established web-based software that ensures a wide-range of organisations maintain strong, consistent relationships with their key stakeholders. Developed specifically for communications teams, Vuelio enables simple logging, searching and sharing of key interactions across your business, with powerful reporting tools that help you strengthen key relationships and improve engagement strategies.

I think one of the great things about the Vuelio database is being able to find out what reporters and the general public are saying about us at any time of day or night. With the Vuelio database everything is recorded, you can see who’s tried to contact you and you can see what actions are being taken. Since we’ve been using Vuelio it has helped us not just to be more efficient in how we work but also look back at trends and identify where we need to target our efforts in the future. It also has improved our relationships with customers and has helped us to provide a speedy response and be on the front foot in our interactions.




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Key Features

Vuelio provides a centralised software solution to log, share and report stakeholder engagement activities, ensuring consistent communications that help maintain and improve crucial relationships.

Engagement Logging

Log all pertinent engagements – phone calls, emails and meetings – in Vuelio in seconds via a simple, user friendly interface. Assign ownership, actions, reminders, documents and all relevant details to each log to ensure it is handled consistently.

Overview & Search

Vuelio provides a real-time overview of all engagement across your organisation via customisable dashboard. Powerful keyword search and filters enable you to locate specific engagements quickly and effectively, drastically reducing time wasted spent searching for information.

Stakeholder Database

Vuelio’s database provides a central repository for all your stakeholders and groups, replacing disparate Outlook and Spreadsheet storage systems. Search and filter by a wide range of options for fast retrieval of contact details. Crucially, Vuelio retains a history of all interactions on a stakeholder’s profile card, providing a single point of access for tracking engagement across the organisation.

Issue Management

Stakeholder engagement is often based around specific issues or projects. Vuelio has a unique module that allows you to have a centralised overview of all engagement, key messaging and other activities relating to a specific issue.


It is crucial to report on the effectiveness of your stakeholder engagement efforts, and Vuelio has wide range of customisable reports to demonstrate the value of your strategy, whilst helping you analyse where improvements can be made.

Find out how you can manage relationships with a wide range of stakeholder groups with Stakeholder Management from Vuelio. We help some of the biggest names in PR manage their communications and get better results.

Centralise your stakeholder engagement activities in one easy-to-use system – log all  pertinent engagements – phone calls, emails and meetings – in seconds via a simple, user friendly interface

Get a real-time overview of all engagement across your organisation – with customisable dashboards, powerful keyword search and filters you can locate specific engagement quickly and effectively.

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