Weekly comms news round up 16/05/13

My weekly pick of comms news curated via @CisionUK.

Tips to enhance B2B digital strategies by Natalie Dold via Econsultancy 

‘Don’t get me wrong—some in the B2B sector really get it, such as Dell, American Express, GE, among others.

But why is it that so many B2B executives feel that digital marketing won’t help them take their business to new levels? 

To answer that question, surveying the B2B entities I work with, it’s because some execs still feel that their products or services “are so niche that [digital] won’t work” or “our target audiences aren’t on social,” etc. But these thoughts don’t reflect what’s been shown to work for similar entities.’

Jurnid publishing platform allows journalists to set their own paywall by @AlastairReid3 via journalism.co.uk

Jurnid, a publishing platform inspired by a Knight Foundation challenge, offers journalists the chance to set a paywall on their work while also providing a mentoring community between journalists and professionals.

Created by website designer Andrew Quarrie, who has strong ties to the Miami journalistic community, Jurnid is intended as a platform for students and professionals to showcase their talents and build an audience.’

The journalist’s tool box: essential skills for wannabe hacks by @George_Berridge via WANNABE HACKS

‘Now is one of the hardest times to get a foot on the journalism career ladder. Budget cuts mean that there are fewer jobs and that those already in work are clinging to their desks by the fingernails. A wannabe hack needs to be fully prepared when entering the job market, which is where this journalist’s ‘tool box’ comes in.’ 

Data shows smartphones and tablets now account for 17% of UK network transactions by JOHN GLENDAY via The Drum 

‘Online marketing services provider Rakuten LinkShare has revealed that tablet and mobile sales have now reached 17 per cent of overall network transactions in the UK, highlighting the growing role of mobile shopping in the wider digital market.’

How PR can use Flipboard to create magazines by @stuartbruce via A PR GUY’S MUSINGS

Flipboard is one of the new generation of news readers that provide a slick app to let you subscribe to news and topics on media websites, blogs and other social media and social networks.’

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