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    you literally made my day by sharing these blogs keep it up thanks :)

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  6. Jaipur Kurti says:

    Thanks for the update,And i found Face hunter more interesting as compare to others

  7. matt says:

    Hey you’ve forgotten that popular one here:

  8. really amazing collection of fashion sites

    thanks a lot for that

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  10. Mögel says:

    Awesome and Congratulations! amazing style as always :)

  11. beautiful and originality, I love these blogs style. Thanks for share

  12. 3 of them i like more, style bubble, fifi lapin and katelovesme,

    they are great..
    ns the katelovesme is very nice blog……

    appreciated work by you..

  13. Fashion blogger is a very broad topic

    Why not have sub-catigories of
    – Female Fashion
    – Teen Female
    – Male Fashion
    – Teen Male

    • Jake O'Neill says:

      Thanks for your comment!

      We do have a variety of fashion rankings, including top fashion magazines, top men’s fashion blogs, urban fashion and many more. We’re happy to look at new ideas and will take your suggestions into consideration.

      Thanks for reading

      Jake O’Neill
      Editorial Coordinator

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  15. MD Yusuf says:

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  17. aneesh ahmad says:

    really amazing collection of fashion sites.

  18. Lisa says:

    Great list! Thank you! It would be nice to see more Ethical fashion bloggers make the list!

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    really great lists thanks for posting this….

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  23. carl mason says:

    Great tips…Thank you

  24. Great content and information, I generally read Metro Blogs for UKs latest fashion trends. Will love to read them all :)

  25. Bogi says:

    Great post and good links! Please, check out my blog too (it’s still new, though…)

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  27. GIFT says:

    Great content and information, I generally read Metro Blogs for UKs latest fashion trends. Will love to read them all :) Thank you for great tips.

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  29. Really amazing post for fashion lovers. Such a wonderful list.

  30. Good list. I love read katelovesme and 5 inch and up.

  31. Really very informative and useful post for fashion lovers like me..

  32. Aleksandra says:

    Great list, thank you so much, but please tell me BIP LING is a joke, I nearly had an epileptic attack.
    Peace xx

  33. Veneet Koul says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful information… It is very helpful in for me fashion and style specially UK trends..
    Nice post..

  34. Great article, thank you for posting this! I don’t suppose anybody would check out my blog? I’m new to blogging and have only put up a couple of blogs, so I’d really appreciate any critique or support! Thank you:)

  35. primrose says:

    Love this, great list, I follow most of them!


  36. Great content and information, I generally read Metro Blogs for UKs latest fashion trends. Will love to read them all

  37. Sammy says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  38. great post, the list is amazing, thanks for share

  39. Aisha Awadalla says:

    A great list of fashion sites..thank you

  40. Shopchakra says:

    Thanks for the list of wonderful fashion blogs. :)

  41. Bharat Plaza says:

    Good work… awesome blogs as well as these writers..!! thanks for sharing. :)

  42. mahrosh says:

    Great Work julie and priyanka .. So upto dated

  43. Aisha Awadalla says:

    Very useful list of fashion blogs. Thanks a million

  44. Kalki says:

    Your list is nice. Actually i was looking for good articles about fashion from top authors. Here I got that

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  46. Mike says:

    Nice List. We’re partnering with a few bloggers who are on this list. Keep up the great work!


  47. Vogue4all says:

    Thanks for the list, it was of great help.

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