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Media Interview with Ben Riley-Smith, political editor at The Daily Telegraph
October 19, 2023

Party conference season, the Trump phenomenon, and preparing for the next UK General Election: Media interview with The Daily Telegraph’s political editor Ben Riley-Smith

Ben Riley-Smith has covered many of the major political moments during his 11 years of reporting at The Telegraph, with the 13 years of Conservative Government covered in his first book The Right to Rule. We caught up with him to ...

Vuelio webinar on misinformation
May 11, 2023

The fight against fake news is not lost: How PRs can combat misinformation and disinformation

In our webinar ‘Why we need to take online misinformation and disinformation seriously’, Polis Analysis founder and CEO Thomas Barton shared the problems we face as a society with fake news, predictions for how it could impact ...

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